Details of enrolled students (B.Ed) 2nd year (session 2015:2017)

Sr. NoName of StudentName of MotherName of FatherAdhar Card No. (if avail)GenderCategoryQualifying Examination% of marks in the qualifying examintationPedagogy (subject1)
Pedagogy (subject2)
1Hima DeviMrs. Jayvanti DeviSh. Kashmir SinghFemaleGeneralB.Sc 74%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
2Pooja ThakurMrs. Meena DeviSh. Netar SinghFemaleGeneralB.Sc67.25%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
3Nimisha Mrs. ValsaSh. BabichenFemaleGeneralMed.86%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
4Komal GuleriaMrs. Meena KumariSh. lalchhman SinghFemaleGeneral Med.60.35%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
5Promilla DveiMrs. Nagendra DeviSh. Dinesh KumarFemaleGeneralMed.58.1%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
6Pragya Sharma Mrs. Purnima Sh. Pradeep SharmaFemaleGeneralMed.57.75%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
7Monika Mrs. Bimla DeviSh. Partap SinghFemaleGeneralMed.57.15%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
8Sakina KumariMrs. Shakuntla DeviSh. HemrajFemaleGeneralMed.56.6%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
9Sonali VermaMrs. Sheela DeviSh. Megh SingjFemaleGeneralMed.55.15%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
10MonikaMrs. Lata DeviSh. GhanshyamFemaleGeneralMed.54.05%Physical Sc.Life Sc.
11Nida siddiquiMrs. Rashida siddiquiSh. Shakeel siddiquiFemaleGeneralNon. Med.64.66%Physical Sc.Maths
12 Titiksha BhardwajMrs. Ahalya BhardwajSh. Hemraj BhardwajFemaleGeneralNon. Med.68.35%Physical Sc.Maths
13Yogesh KumarMrs. Tulsi DeviSh. HansrajMaleGeneralNon. Med.57.75%Physical Sc.Maths
14Santosh KumariMrs. Bhima DeviSh. Prem SinghFemaleGeneralNon. Med.52.6%Physical Sc.Maths
15Jyoti GautamMrs. Lata DeviSh. Prempal SinghFemaleGeneralNon. Med.56.74%Physical Sc.Maths
16Devki DeviMrs. Khimi DeviSh. Naresh KumarFemaleSCArts64%Social ScienceEnglish
17ArtiMrs. KrishnaSh. Shiv LalFemaleGeneralArts60%Social ScienceEnglish
18SantoshMrs. Meera DeviSh. Lekh RajFemaleGeneralArts53.5%Social ScienceEnglish
19Sapna KumariMrs. Champa DeviSh. Hari SinghFemaleGeneralArts51.7%Social ScienceEnglish
20Bhup SinghMrs. Savitri DeviSh. Chet RamMaleSCArts67.31%Social ScienceHindi
21AratiMrs.Bhintra DeviSh. Jeet LalFemaleGeneralArts48.9%
M.A. 60%
Social ScienceHindi
22kirana KumariMrs. Bhawani DeviSh. BhuvneshwarFemaleGeneralArts57%Social ScienceHindi
23Rekha DeviMrs. Janki DeviSh. DharmpalFemaleSCArts48.1%
M.A. 55,41%
Social ScienceHindi
24Mamta DeviMrs. Bhawna DeviSh. Lal SinghFemaleGeneralArts47.8%
M.A. 54.60%
Social ScienceHindi
25Kalpna DeviMrs. Navada DeviSh. Mahender LalFemaleGeneralArts53.55%Social ScienceHindi
26Meena DeviMrs. Reeta DeviSh. Desh RajFemaleGeneralArts52.7%Social ScienceHindi
27Sunita DeviMrs. Kaushalya DeviSh. Mohan SinghFemaleGeneralArts52%Social ScienceHindi
28Sharda DeviMrs.Khimi DeviSh.Kishan ChandFemaleGeneralArts51.6%Social ScienceHindi
29BhagchandMrs. Ram DassiSh. Dev RajMaleScArts50.9%Social ScienceHindi
30Sapna KumariMrs. Prema DeviSh. Kashmir SinghFemaleGeneralArts50.2%Social ScienceHindi
31Parvati DeviMrs.Kamla DeviSh. Sawnu RamFemaleSc.Arts50%Social ScienceHindi
32Sunita Devi Mrs.Kamla DeviSh. Narender PalFemaleGeneralArts65.7%Social ScienceSanskrit
33Bejayanti Devi Mrs.Kamla DeviSh. Keshav SinghFemaleGeneralArts52.7%Social ScienceSanskrit
34Neelam KumariMrs. Vidya DeviSh. Puran ChandFemaleGeneralArts51.5%Social ScienceSanskrit
35RohiniMrs. Yashodha DeviSh. Chaman LalFemaleGeneralB.com64.58%Comm.English
36 Minisha GargMrs. Kaushalya GargSh. Rajender kumar GragFemaleGeneralB.com57.35%Comm.English
37Rajni DeviMrs. Geeta DeviSh. Mehar ChandFemaleGeneralB.com53.35%Comm.Hindi

Course-B.Ed - 2years admitted Students Session 2016-18

S. No.Name of StudentsName of MotherName of FatherAdhar Card No. (if avail)GenderCategoryQualifying Examination% of marks in the qualifying examintationPedagogy (subject1)Pedagogy (subject2)Remarks
1ANANYADurga DeviSH. MAN SINGHFemaleGeneralMED65.99%Phy ScLife Sc
2ANJU DEVIPinki DeviSH. BALAM RAMFemaleGeneralMED63.57%Phy ScLife Sc
3ASHA KUMARIHimachaliSH. BHUP SINGHFemaleGeneralMED72.15%Phy ScLife Sc
4BHARTI DEVILata DeviSH. DESH RAJ FemaleGeneralMED66.87%Phy ScLife Sc
5BANDNASoma DeviSH. NAVAL KISHORFemaleGeneralMED69.4%Phy ScLife Sc
6DIMPLEKamla DeviSH. SURINDER PALFemaleGeneralMED75.01%Phy ScLife Sc
7EKTA ARNOTUrmila DeviSH. PADAM SINGHFemaleGeneralMED70.17%Phy ScLife Sc
8KANIKA RANALata KumariSH. HEM RAJFemaleGeneralMED72.59%Phy ScLife Sc
9KHEM LATAReshmu DeviSH. GOKAL CHANDFemaleGeneralMED50.1%Phy ScLife Sc
10KUSUM LATAYashodha DeviSH. JAISI RAMFemaleGeneralMED60.93%Phy ScLife Sc
11LALITA KUMARIMeena Kumari SH. PADAM SINGHFemaleGeneralMED64.78%Phy ScLife Sc
12MANJULAChinta DeviSH. SHER SINGHFemaleScMED65%Phy ScLife Sc
13MRINALINIKrishna DeviSH. HEM RAJFemaleGeneralMED56.35%Phy ScLife Sc
14POONAMRekha DeviSH. NAVAL KISHORFemaleGeneralMED64.23%Phy ScLife Sc
15RITA SHARMAMeena DeviSH. PRAKASH CHANDFemaleGeneralMED65.99%Phy ScLife Sc
16SAPANA DEVIReeta DeviSH. PARAM DEVFemaleGeneralMED58.51%Phy ScLife Sc
17SHIVALI SHARMAPushpa SharmaSH. KUSHAL KUMAR SHARMAFemaleGeneralMED73.47%Phy ScLife Sc
18URMILA DEVIGyatri DeviSH. YASHWANT KUMARFemaleGeneralMED69.73%Phy ScLife Sc
19VAISHALIDharma Devi SH. PRAKASH CHANDFemaleGeneralMED64.45%Phy ScLife Sc
20ABHAY SHARMAMamta Sharma SH. PAWAN KUMAR SHARMAMaleGeneralN-MED71.82%Phy Sc.Math
21DEVENDER KUMARNisha DeviSH. JEEVAN LALMaleGeneralN-MED64.78%Phy Sc.Math
22DIPIKAMeera DeviSH. PARTAP SINGHFemaleGeneralN-MED64.12%Phy Sc.Math
23KAPIL Sarla DeviSH. MULKH RAJMale GeneralN-MED69.84%Phy Sc.Math
24NEELAM THAKURChampa DeviSH. CHANDER MANIFemaleGeneralN-MED68.85%Phy Sc.Math
25NEHALata DeviSH. GHANSHYAMFemaleGeneralN-MED70.28%Phy Sc.Math
26SAPNA DEVISanya DeviSH. ROOP LALFemaleGeneralN-MED65.88%Phy Sc.Math
27SEEMA DEVIKala DeviSH. HANS RAJFemaleScN-MED64.78%Phy Sc.Math
28SUNIL KUMARKamla DeviSH. BRIJ LALMale GeneralN-MED64.89%Phy Sc.Math
29VIJAY KUMARIndra DeviSH. VIDYA SAGARMale GeneralN-MED62.36%Phy Sc.Math
30ANITAVidya DeviSH. HEM RAJFemaleGeneralARTS52.1%Social Sc English
31MANEESHA SHARMAKanchana DeviSH. KULDEEP CHANDFemaleGeneralARTS62.69%Social Sc English
32ANKITA THAKURSoma DeviSH. JEET SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS72.15%Social Sc Hindi
33ANU DEVIBhoma DeviSH. ROSHAN LALFemaleGeneralARTSMA-54.25%Social Sc Hindi
34BHARTIBabli DeviSH. NEK RAMFemaleGeneralARTS68.08%Social Sc Hindi
35DIMPLEParmi DeviSH. RAMESH CHANDFemaleGeneralARTS71.82%Social Sc Hindi
36DIPIKAKavita DeviSH. SOHAN SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS65.22%Social Sc Hindi
37DIPIKA THAKURMeena DeviSH.MEGH SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS65.33%Social Sc Hindi
38KALPNARama DeviSH. DEVI SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS71.05%Social Sc Hindi
40KANIKA BabliSH. NEK RAMFemaleGeneralARTS72.26%Social Sc Hindi
41KAVITA DEVIRajKumariSH. RAJENDER SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS67.31%Social Sc Hindi
42LALITA KUMARIRumalu DeviSH. PARAM DEVFemaleGeneralARTS68.63%Social Sc Hindi
43MEENA DEVIHima DeviSH. BHAWANI SINGHFemaleGeneralARTSMA-62.31%Social Sc Hindi
44NISHA DEVIDharmi Devi SH. DURGA DUTTFemaleGeneralARTS68.08%Social Sc Hindi
45RAJANI DEVINubi DeviSH. SHYAM SUNDERFemaleGeneralARTS56.6%Social Sc Hindi
47REENA DEVIJamana DeviSH. RUMI RAMFemaleSTARTS50.5%Social Sc Hindi
48SHABNAMDhani DeviSH. PURAN CHANDFemaleGeneralARTS66.98%Social Sc Hindi
49PUSHPA DEVIKamla DeviSH. CHANDER MANIFemaleGeneralARTS66.98%Social Sc Hindi
50PUSHAP LATASarita DeviSH. KASHMIR SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS50.8%Social Sc Hindi
51RAKSHA KUMARIHima DeviSH. ROOP DEV SHARMAFemaleGeneralARTS66.32%Social Sc Hindi
52VIJAY KUMARNarvada DeviSH. AMAR SINGHMaleGeneralARTS55.32%Social Sc Hindi
53CHAMPA DEVIParvati DeviSH. HEM RAJFemaleGeneralCOMM55.64%Comm.Hindi
54MEENA KUMARILajya DeviSH. DUNI CHANDFemaleGeneralCOMM70.94%Comm.Hindi
55NEHANirmla DeviSH. PRADEEP KUMARFemaleGeneralCOMM56.53%Comm.Hindi
56KUMARI POOJA Reeta DeviSH. RISHI LAL SHARMAFemaleGeneralCOMM52.05%Comm.Hindi
57NIRANJNA Mansha DeviSH. PRAKASH CHANDFemaleSCN-MED64.56%Phy Sc.Math
58SWATI SHARMAMadhuri KapoorSH. VIPIN KAPOORFemaleGeneralN-MED73.65%Phy Sc.Math
59CHAMNA DEVIBindra DeviSH. HARI CHANDFemaleGeneralARTS54.5%Social Sc English
60HARSH LATADhani DeviSH. KRISHAN CHANDFemaleGeneralARTS53.5%Social Sc Hindi
61PANKAJ KAUSHALMeena KumariSH. RAMESH CHANDMaleSCARTS65.55%Social Sc English
62NARVADA DEVILajja DeviSH. BHUP SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS51.3%Social Sc Hindi
64BINITA KUMARIShitla SH. DAMODAR DASSFemaleGeneralARTS57.1%Social Sc Hindi
65PAWANA KUMARIYuvawatiSH. BIRI SINGHFemaleGeneralN-MED68.19%Phy Sc.Math
66JEEVAN LALLeela SH. TEK SINGHMaleGeneralARTS52.5%Social Sc English
67MINNIHarkamal Jeet KaurSH. JOGINDER PAL SINGH FemaleGeneralARTS53%Social Sc English
68NAVYA JAISWAL Ratna Jaiswal SH. SUNIL KUMAR JAISWAL FemaleGeneralARTS56.62%Social Sc English
69PALWINDER KAURHarkamal Jeet KaurSH. JOGINDER PAL SINGHFemaleGeneralARTS52.9%Social Sc English
70GEETA DEVINeela DeviSH. PURAN CHANDFemaleGeneralARTS51.56%Social Sc Hindi
71ASHOK SHARMASudha SharmaSH. RAMESH CHANDRA SHARMAMale GeneralCOMM60.55%Comm.English

From the Chairperson's Desk

From The Acting Principal's Desk

Message From Chairperson

Chairperson, faculty and management of Jagriti Teacher's Training College, Deodhar Mandi H.P heartily welcomes all the new students. This institution has completed eleven academic sessions. Eighty percent of these students passed with first division and many of them earned distinction at University level.

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Our Students Say

I spent two and a half years studying at Jagriti College and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life.


Looking back, I can see Jagriti College was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work.


Teachers at Jagriti College work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter

- Abdulla Ayub

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