Copy of Details of enrolled students D.EI.Ed (JBT) session 2015-2017

Sr. NoName of StudentName of MotherName of FatherAdhar Card No. (if avail)GenderCategoryQualifying Examination% of marks in the qualifying examintationPedagogy (subjects)
English , Math , Hindi , Science , SST.
1Dinesh KumarMrs. Kaushlya DeviSh. Dilla RamMaleSc.12th
2Damodari DeviMrs. Adru DeviSh. Harnam SinghFemaleGeneral 12th57.2%yes
3Chetna KumariMrs. Meera DeviSh. Chaman LalFemaleOBC12th58.2%yes
4Kalpna KumariMrs. Hansa DeviSh. Desh RajFemaleGeneral12th60%yes
5Narender KumarMrs. Meena DeviSh. Megh SinghMaleSc. (sports)12th61.6%yes
6Suman LataMrs. Krishna DeviSh. Gulab SinghFemaleSc.12th48%yes
7SurajBhanMrs. Kashmira DeviSh, DharampalMaleSc.12th58%yes
8Madan ThakurMrs. Mansa DeviSh. Mohan SinghMaleGeneral12th53.6%yes
9SunitaMrs. Sumitra DeviSh. Puran ChandFemaleOBC12th45.8%yes
10Shilpa DeviMrs. Savitri Devish. Jagdish ChandFemaleGeneral12th63.2%yes
11KritikaMrs. Mansa Sh. Gopal SinghFemaleGeneral12th58.8%yes
12Bhed PraksashMrs. Sunita DeviSh. Pitamber LalMaleGeneral12th57.4%yes
13Chiranji LalMrs. Shaldi DeviSh. LachhlmunMaleGeneral12th70.8%yes
14Kalpana DeviMrs. Gauri DeviSh. Hari SinghFemaleSc.12th63.8%yes
15Jhave RamMrs. Meera DeviSh. Balak RamMaleSc.12th63%yes
16Priyanka BhartiMrs. Rauma DeviSh.Dharam SinghFemaleSc.12th56.8%yes
17Urmila DeviMrs.NimaSh. Biri SinghFemaleGeneral12th71%yes
18Parveen KumarMrs. Leela DeviSh. Shayam LalMaleSc.12th51.5%yes
19Mamta KumariMrs. Deepa DeviSh. Jagat RamFemaleGeneral12th64%yes
20Mahesh KumarMrs. Sarla DeviSh. Bhoop SinghMaleOBC12th54.2%yes
21Kusum SharmaMrs.Bimla DeviSh. Ghanshyam SharmaMaleGeneral12th55.2%yes
22Aakash ThakurMrs. Lalita DeviSh. Mahender SinghMaleGeneral12th61.2%yes
23Jitender KumarMrs.Lalita DeviSh. Vinod KumarMaleGeneral12th74.8%yes
24Nisha DeviMrs.Shanta DeviSh. Sunil DuttFemaleGeneral12th53%yes
25RavikantMrs. Kanta DeviSh. Baldev ChauhanMaleGeneral12th51%yes
26Poonam SharmaMrs. Hansa DeviSh. ParamDevFemaleGeneral12th62.2%yes
27Roshan LalMrs. Uttmu DeviSh. Hukam RamMaleSc.12th48.4%yes
28LalitMrs. Kaushlya DeviSh.Krishan SinghMaleGeneral12th57%yes
29Sonali SharmaMrs. Geeta DeviSh. Balwant SharmaFemaleGeneral12th63.6%yes
30Bhoop SinghMrs. Heema DeviSh. Mast RamMaleGeneral12th59%yes
31Neelam KumariMrs. Leela DeviSh. Mohan SinghFemaleGeneral12th59.9%yes
32Rahul KumarMrs. Meena DeviSh. Rakesh ChandMaleGeneral12th74.6%yes
33Kumari RadhikaMrs. Bhuvneshwari DeviSh. Mani ChandFemaleGeneral12th64.2%yes
34SheetalMrs.SwarnlataSh. Keshav RamFemaleGeneral12th52%yes
35Disha DeviMrs. Rashila DeviSh. Ramesh ChandFemaleSc.12th61%yes
36Jaya DeviMrs. Rashila DeviSh. Ramesh ChandFemaleSc.12th57%yes
37Banita KumariMrs. Drompti DeviSh.Maan DassFemaleSc.12th65%yes
38Sunil KumarMrs.AshaSh. Ramesh ChandMaleSc.12th61%yes
39Bharti DeviMrs.Jyoti DeviSh. Naval KishorFemaleOBC12th69.20%yes
40Rakesh KumariMrs. Kanta DeviSh. Bharat RajFemaleOBC12th69.2%yes
41 Babita KumariMrs. Raj kumariSh. Santosh KumarFemaleOBC12th53%yes
42Krishan KumarMrs. Bimla DeviSh. Sauju RamMaleOBC12th51%yes
43Sarita KumariMrs. Renu KumariSh. Pyaru RamFemaleST.12th51%yes
44Ravi KumarMrs. Shimlo DeviSh. Mahinder SinghMaleSc.12th68.1%yes
45Tilak RajMrs. SumnaSh, Shesh RamMaleGeneral12th62%yes
46Nutan VermaMrs. Maina DeviSh. Dhani RamFemaleGeneral12th75%yes

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Message From Chairperson

Chairperson, faculty and management of Jagriti Teacher's Training College, Deodhar Mandi H.P heartily welcomes all the new students. This institution has completed eleven academic sessions. Eighty percent of these students passed with first division and many of them earned distinction at University level.

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Our Students Say

I spent two and a half years studying at Jagriti College and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life.


Looking back, I can see Jagriti College was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work.


Teachers at Jagriti College work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter

- Abdulla Ayub

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