Teaching Staff

Sr NoName of the Staff MemberDesginationAcademic QualificationProfessional QualificationD.O.B.Nature of AppointmentWhether approved by the affiliating university/bodyPay Scale or consolidated amountRetirements benifits CPF extraPhotographRemarks
1Dr. Uma KumariPrincipalB.A 56%
M.A(Pol Sc.) 60%
M.Phil(Pol Sc.) 53.2%
Ph.D in(Pol. Sc.)
B.Ed 69.71%
M.A (Education)70%
Experience 12 Years

09-12-1978adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFDr Uma
2Mrs. ShaliniVice PrincipalB.Sc. Non Med. 60%
M.Sc Math 79%
M.Phil 72%
MA (So.) 50%
B.Ed 60%
M.Ed 57.5%
8 years school exp.
12 years college exp.
23-08-73adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFshalini
3Mrs. MamtaAssistant ProfessorB.Comm 57%
M.Comm 60%
B.Ed 70%
M.Ed 66%
5 years college Experience
28-09-87adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFmamta
4Mrs. Disha UpadhyayAssistant ProfessorB.Sc 59.09%
M.Sc (Botany)- 64%
B.Ed 66.77%
M.Ed 73.08%
4Years exp.
31.05.1989adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFDisha Upadhyay
5Ms Sneha BhandariAssistant ProfessorB.A 50%
M.A (Hindi) 60%
M.A (Skt) 60%
B.Ed 61%
M.Ed. 76%
6 months college experience
31-08-88adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
6Mrs. Atti DeviAssistant ProfessorB.A 45%
M.A 55%

B.Ed 65%
MA Ed. 62%
5 year School exp.
12-07-85adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
7Mrs. Sunita DeviAssistant ProfessorB.A 53%
M.A (Hindi) 60%
M.Phil (Hindi) 67%
B.Ed 71%
MA Ed. 70%
4 year School exp.
06-09-87adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
8Mrs RimpalAssistant Prof.
B.A. 50%
M.A. (History) 57%
B.Ed 64%
M. Ed 61%
1 year collage exp
20-1-90adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFRimpal
9Mrs HemlataAssistant Prof.
B.A. 60%
M.A. Skt 68%
B.Ed 59%
M. Ed 75%
1 Year Collage exp
24-4-88adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFshalini
10Mrs HimaniAssistant Prof.
B.A. 67.3%
M.A. Eng 60%
B.Ed 66%
M.Ed 70%
4 Year Collage exp
10-5-89adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFHimani
11Ms. DimpalAssistant Prof.
B.Sc 53.4%
M.A. (Eng) 55.75%
B. Ed 69.63%
M. Ed 66.37%
6 Months exp
16-5-86adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
12Mrs. MonikaLecturerB.A 50.9%
M.A (Eng) 50.1%
B.Ed 68.5%
M.Ed. 71.8%
01-10-86adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
13Mrs. Sunita KumariLecturerB.A 42.6%
M.A (Pol Sc) 50%
M.Phil(Pol Sc) 64%
B.Ed 64%
MA (Edu) 58%
6 years school exp.
03-12-73adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFSunita
14Mrs. ReetaAssistant Prof.
B.A 51%
M.A (Pol Sc) 48%
B.Ed 62%
M Ed. 58%
2 years school exp.
23-07-83adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
15Mrs. HimaniLecturerShastri 55%
MA (Skt) 53%
B.Ed 67%
1 year school exp.
30-10-91adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
16Ms. Jitendra SharmaLecturerB.A 53.3%
M.A (So) 60%
M.A (Hindi) 58%
B.Ed 66%
1 year school exp.
19-09-72adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
17Mrs. ShivaniLecturerB.Sc 55%
M.Sc Bot 63%
B.Ed 70%
3 Months exp
21-8-95adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPFShivani
18Ms. Nisha KumariLecturerB.A. 50%
M.A. (Pol) 60%
& M.A.(Eng) 53%
B.Ed 59%
M.A (Edu) persuing
3 Months exp
19Mr. Manoj KumarD.PB.P.Ed 69.7%
M.P.Ed 63.1%
7 years school exp
11-05-81adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF
20Mr. Vikash PathaniaFine ArtBA 48.3%
MSc (Geo) 45.5%
2 years diploma Art & craft 53.9%

B.Ed 59.6%
1 year school exp
08-01-85adhocBodyas per H.P. NormsEPF

From the Chairperson's Desk

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Message From Chairperson

Chairperson, faculty and management of Jagriti Teacher's Training College, Deodhar Mandi H.P heartily welcomes all the new students. This institution has completed eleven academic sessions. Eighty percent of these students passed with first division and many of them earned distinction at University level.

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Deodhar, District Mandi Himachal Pradesh, India Postalcode: 175001 Mobile: 78072-55912, 94180-14493

Our Students Say

I spent two and a half years studying at Jagriti College and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life.


Looking back, I can see Jagriti College was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work.


Teachers at Jagriti College work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter

- Abdulla Ayub

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